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Titelmotiv – Contemporary
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Mar 2020


Deutsche Bläserakademie Bad Lausick

Admission charge

19,- € / 10,- €



On March 8th, 2020 at 3 p.m. the next entitlement concert of the Saxon Wind Philharmonic will take place under the direction of Leipzig University Music Director David Timm in the hall of the German Wind Academy. With this concert, the musicians of the orchestra are also moving in the direction of new music that is rather unusual for them. After an overture by Ludwig van Beethoven on the occasion of the Beethoven year 2020, a commissioned composition by the Berlin composer Jörg Mainka follows, co-financed by the federal government's representatives for culture and media in the "Excellent Orchestra Landscape Germany" program. Cloud - Castle [with 5 strings], as the work is fully called, was written for the Saxon Wind Philharmonic. In addition to various compositional techniques, it should above all show the instrumental and sound-aesthetic possibilities of a brass formation and act as a standard textbook in the future.

In addition to other classical pieces, "A Lenda do Curupira" by the Swiss composer Stephan Hodel will complete the contemporary program. It is about a figure from Brazilian mythology, the protector of animals and the forest. The piece tells its story and thus becomes a symphonic poem, influenced by contemporary Brazilian music.