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Titelmotiv – Student concert
May 2020

Student concert "Florentine apple blossom and her long journey"

Mendelssohn-Saal (Gewandhaus Leipzig)

Admission charge

Remaining cards 4,- €


Ticket sales from May 14th in the music shop M. Oelsner (Schillerstraße 5, 04109 Leipzig, Tel .: 0341 9605200)

Student concert "Florentine apple blossom and her long journey"


Who doesn't know him, the desire to leave his everyday life, to follow his longings and to transform himself into someone else? Sometimes it takes a long journey to see how special and unique your life is.

The little apple blossom Florentine experiences this musical journey, tied to a tree so eager to go out into the wide world. Her friends in the orchard, such as the goblin or the wind, help her in her search for the wonderful blue flower. On your trip, Florentine has to go through many adventures before she finds the legendary blue flower in a cave. But what is life in a dark cave compared to the colorful and sunny home orchard? And so Florentine's homecoming is of course a grand finale full of optimistic joie de vivre.

The family adventure concert of the Saxon Wind Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Matthew Lynch, is designed interactively by visitors young and old. The children have to shout, clap, pound, blow and have a lot of fun waking up the florentine, singing the magic canon with the goblin, sitting dances and movement actions and even wild monkey rap. The program thrives on the participation and active shaping of the audience and is above all an emotional concert experience with a large orchestra and the fantastic narrator Patrick Rohbeck.

The setting of this story was commissioned by the Saxon Wind Philharmonic Orchestra to the Berlin composer Matthias Preisinger and was created in cooperation with Obstland Dürrweitzschen AG. The family concert offers children a first access to the experience factor of orchestral music.