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Saxon brass quintet

Saxon Brass Quintet

The Saxon Brass Quintet was founded in 1993 from principal brass from the RBO Leipzig (today the Saxon Wind Philharmonic) and is one of the orchestra's most successful ensembles due to its artistic quality and versatility.

The ensemble under the direction of Sven Geipel offers in its concerts the entire musical tension of a modern brass ensemble. In addition to the maintenance of traditional brass music - especially from the Renaissance and Baroque - it is also modern compositions that the five musicians perform with virtuosity and variety of sounds. The ensemble always delights its audience with special, unusual and also cheerful arrangements of popular and classical music.

In order to expand your own playing and expression possibilities, the traditional line-up - two trumpets, a horn, a trombone and a tuba - can be supplemented with percussion instruments. As an additional enrichment of the concerts, extraordinary instruments such as Alphorn or Didgeridoo are used.

The five professional musicians of the Saxon Wind Philharmonic are internationally sought-after artists who gave concerts in South Africa and China, among others, and conducted workshops in Venezuela and Malaysia.